A Welcome Note

Welcome to my website. Feel free to explore and learn more about me and my novels, Nowak_M03_1 cropped no. 2sensual western historical romances that blend conflict, romantic tension, and truly unique characters. I’ve always felt the very best books are those that grab hold of my emotions and make me feel. I love characters that have flaws and need to discover themselves, characters that are different enough to be memorable but familiar enough that I can identify with them.

My stories are set in the American West, in the last part of the 19th century. It is a time and place that intrigue me deeply. My imagination wraps itself around the western spirit, the Victorian customs, and this era of growth and change. There are so many stories in my mind, waiting to be told. I’m hoping you will be intrigued, as well, and that this will be the beginning of a long relationship.

About CHOICESChoices
When independent Miriam Longstreet is forced to abide by Fort Randall’s narrow social rules, she rebels. Unable to resist a forbidden relationship with rugged Private Jake Deakins, Miriam must take a stand against her abusive laudanum-addicted mother, a jealous and manipulative lieutenant, and her father’s authority as commanding officer. As Jake and Miriam face a raging blizzard and a possible court-martial, as well as escalating deception and violence, they discover commonalities and a love that crosses social boundaries if only they have the courage to make the choices to shape their own destinies.

When outspoken female telegrapher Sarah Donovan, determined to make her mark onChancesFront-A the world, ends up working with conservative Denver undertaker Daniel Petterman, sparks fly. His steadfast resistance to change, dislike of public attention, and distaste for Colorado’s 1876 suffrage movement hides a smoldering passion. Within it are rewards far more fulfilling than those offered by the acclaim she seeks or the consistency he clings to. To claim it, they must be willing to stand together against violence and charges of prostitution and take a chance on love.


One thought on “Home

  1. Jim Rolf says:

    Well said, Pam. Congratulations on launching your third novel.

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